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Prescription drug misuse and abuse affects every county, city and town in Arizona. Consider the facts:

  • Arizona currently ranks 12th highest in the nation for individuals 12+ years misusing and abusing prescription drugs.*

  • 3 out of 4 Arizona youth who have misused prescription drugs in the past 30 days report getting them from friends, family or right out of the home.**

  • Hospitalization charges for non-fatal poisoning-related inpatient hospitalizations totaled more than $213 million in 2013 in Arizona

This toolkit is designed with the theme Awareness. Action. Outcomes! It provides the roadmap to move your community forward beyond that initial awareness stage into action and outcomes. Communities and coalitions cannot wait another day here in Arizona to implement this initiative. Every day that we do, we lose more lives to death and addiction. The time has come to address this public health crisis and we need your commitment.

The toolkit is easy to use and is color coded for better navigation. The Rx Drug Misuse and Abuse Initiative toolkit’s eight sections include:

Strategy 1 - Reduce illicit acquisition and diversion of prescription drugs
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Strategy 2 - Promote responsible prescribing and dispensing policies and practices
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Strategy 3 - Enhance Rx drug practice and policies in law enforcement
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Strategy 4 - Increase public awareness and patient education about Rx drug misuse and abuse
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Strategy 5 - Enhance assessment and referral to substance abuse treatment
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Action Plan - The Action Plan is color coded by strategy and provides easy to follow goals, objectives and action items.
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Efficacy Report and Evaluation - This section provides data and data sources used throughout the initiative and in the toolkit. In addition, a full report of initiative outcomes in the pilot counties is included. The report provides background and history of the Arizona Rx Drug Misuse and Abuse Initiative.
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Other Documents - Items in this toolkit will continue to be updated and new items will be added. Use this section of your toolkit to print and add information to support your efforts.PDF Version   Word Version

Spanish Language Materials - This section contains resources written in Spanish, and will continue to be updated with new materials as they become available. PDF Version   Word Version

Overview and Fact Sheets - PDF Version   Word Version

Thank you for taking on this important initiative!
Let’s get started!

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